Advance Solutions Inc. (ASI) announces today the comeback of TECH O’CLOCK!
Now in digital format, TECH O’CLOCK is the official newsletter of ASI.
Back in the day in its printed form, the newsletter was able to affirm ASI as one of the
leading providers of technology solutions for business, government, education and
finance, among others.
Established in 1996 by a group of young gentlemen fresh out of college, ASI has been
committed to meet market demands for high quality but cost-effective information
technology equipment coupled with quality customer service.
The social media landscape has been consistently expanding and online presence for
business enterprises has never been more significant today than several years before.
The return of TECH O’CLOCK will not only serve as ASI’s online platform in supporting
the sales and marketing aspect of the company, but will also strengthen its online
presence in the digital world. TECH O’CLOCK will deliver updates on products, promos,
latest technology news, company events… plus more!
This will build and sustain brand awareness plus increased engagement not only with
existing customers in business, government, education, among others, but also with
new and prospective clients.

Welcome to TECH O’CLOCK everyone!
Tech O'clock

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