Advance Solutions Inc. (ASI) announces today the comeback of TECH O’CLOCK!
Now in digital format, TECH O’CLOCK is the official newsletter of ASI.
Back in the day in its printed form, the newsletter was able to affirm ASI as one of the
leading providers of technology solutions for business, government, education and
finance, among others.
Established in 1996 by a group of young gentlemen fresh out of college, ASI has been
committed to meet market demands for high quality but cost-effective information
technology equipment coupled with quality customer service.
The social media landscape has been consistently expanding and online presence for
business enterprises has never been more significant today than several years before.
The return of TECH O’CLOCK will not only serve as ASI’s online platform in supporting
the sales and marketing aspect of the company, but will also strengthen its online
presence in the digital world. TECH O’CLOCK will deliver updates on products, promos,
latest technology news, company events… plus more!
This will build and sustain brand awareness plus increased engagement not only with
existing customers in business, government, education, among others, but also with
new and prospective clients.

Welcome to TECH O’CLOCK everyone!
November 10, 2023

Microsoft’s Windows 11 delivers unstoppable Security

The hacking incident at PhilHealth in September has brought to light the importance of cyber security in companies and organizations.  However, such incident can be prevented with the right technology solutions. For the last 27 years, Advance Solutions Inc. (ASI) has established a strong partnership with the best brands in the industry bringing a greater technology advantage for their valued clients.

In a recent tech update seminar spearheaded by ASI, Microsoft Philippines introduced the security features of the new Windows 11. The new Windows 11 presents three layers of security features namely: Malware protection, Phishing prevention, and App security. It promises the kind of security that doesn’t stop because before you even start up, Windows 11 is already on guard.

Malware has met its match! Windows 11 comes with cutting-edge features that help protect you from malware. While staying vigilant is the most important protective measure you can take, security features in Windows 11 also help provide real-time detection and protection.

Malware — Any software created to intentionally harm a computer can be considered malware. Common types include viruses, trojans, spyware, and ransomware. How they operate can vary from stealing your passwords to holding your files for ransom until you pay.

The cutting-edge features include: Microsoft Defender Antivirus; Microsoft Defender SmartScreen; Windows Firewall; Bluetooth protection; Secure Wi-Fi; and Virtual private networks (VPN)

On its battle against Phishing, Windows 11 PCs protect your identity by using advanced security methods for logging into your device. There are over 920 password attacks every second. That’s why Windows 11  innovated solutions that redefine login credentials. Windows 11 validates your credentials using either a device-specific PIN code, fingerprint or facial recognition—protecting you from phishing and other network attacks, including password leaks.

Phishing — a cybercrime where malicious actors disguise themselves as legitimate institutions or people you trust in order to steal your passwords and access your data. To combat this, look out for emails from unknown, unusual, or misspelled senders. Hover your cursor over links in emails to check if a different URL is embedded. Avoid using pirated software.

The Phishing preventive features include: Windows Hello; Passkey; Wake on approach and lock on leave; Microsoft Authenticator App; Find My Device; and Privacy Dashboard

App security is a must because cybercriminals can gain access to your data by hacking your applications. Windows 11 protects your most valuable information in multiple ways. In addition to the built-in protections that help keep you from downloading suspicious or potentially unwanted apps, Windows 11 also comes with a suite of Microsoft-developed apps that help keep you protected, both online and off.

The App security features include: Microsoft Edge; OneDrive; Microsoft Family Safety; Smart App Control; and Microsoft 365 Defender App

Reference: Windows Security: System Guard, Antivirus & More for Windows 11 | Microsoft

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